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Field Editor 

The Field editor is shown as the Fields tab when you are in Edit Mode.

This has two sections:

  • Fields
  • Table


This section is where you define the fields in the Table.

There is no limit to the number of fields you can have. The order of the fields is not important, but if you do specify a sequence it will be used by the Default Data Entry Form for users to fill the information in.

If you change the datatype of a field the system will attempt to preserve any existing data in any existing records, and no records will be removed.

Changes made in this section are saved as soon as you press OK in the Add /Edit / Remove dialogs – so there is no need to press Update.


This section allows you to select the Record Identifier (or fields) to be displayed in dropdown listbox and other pickers when you are presented with a list of records from the Table

You can also select the method of File storage.

When you have made a change in this section, you need to press the Apply button to save the changes.


Managing data