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RSS View 

The RSS View is a powerful system to create RSS feeds for consumption by RSS Readers and other sites.


  • Configure a Query containing fields for all the information to be included in the RSS feed.
  • Configure an RSS View component, linking to the Query, and mapping the fields that are required.
  • Embed the RSS View on a page or other text surface.

The RSS View will appear as an RSS Icon, which links to the RSS feed file itself.

You can configure the appearance of the RSS link in the RSS View component.


The link to the feed file is dynamic, that is, it will depend on the page parameters - so a single RSS View embed can link to a potentially infinite number of different personalised feeds.

For performance reasons RSS feed files are generated on initial demand, and then cached. The cache period defaults to 60 minutes, unless the Time To Live field is mapped in the RSS View, in which case it will use this duration for cache expiry instead.

See also: External Lookup Datafeed Component, which can read RSS feeds produced here and elsewhere and load that information into Tables.