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Working with the system 

graduation-hat What are we learning here?

Now we've completed the tutorial, we learn where to find out more information.

This concludes the 'A First Site' introduction. It has introduced you to the way you manipulate websites and components, do formatting and configuration - and all without any programming or coding.

Sure - the examples were very simple, but were were only showing you baby-steps of how to use the system.
Now revisit your Example site, and start exploring the tabs and settings of the components.

Go back to the original Table, and add in some additional fields - and notice immediately that there is no problem in modifying the data structure.

Work with the Query - add in additional Pages to the site and get them to display different aspects. Experiment with using a Data Entry Form - go to the Managing Data section of the guide and explore the options.

What next?

Where you go next is really dependent on what you want to achieve with neatComponents.

If you are primarily interested in:


understanding key concepts: Understanding neatComponents

quick-build content management: Managing unstructured pages

data management: Managing Structured Data


looking for hints and tips: How-To Resources

more demo applications:  Demo applications

roll out an E-commerce solution: How-To E-commerce

And, naturally, continue to explore your Trial,
...and refer to the main source of information here in  'The Guide' for inspiration.



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A first app & walkthrough