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Try without a Server 

Normally, you would not work on a website from the neatComponents machine itself - once it is installed on the server you would treat that machine as a dedicated appliance. So, neatComponents is installed on its own machine  - either in your office or at a regular hosting company and you access it across the Internet using Internet Explorer, or whatever, from your usual computer (setting up access - read how...).

Every site you create and all other manipulations will be done using your web-browser to access the the neatComponents Site Manager.

For Testing
But, for very small scale use, and for testing - so you can get started with the site manipulation - you can make an exception, and work on the same machine that you installed onto. 

Windows only 
You have to install onto a Windows machine to be able to work on the same machine you installed onto. This is normally a Windows 7 machine, but you can use any of the supported Windows operating systems. Read more...

You install in the normal way but onto your own machine.

Access and Configuration
The Tutorial explains how to access your installation so you can configure your first site.

Installing neatComponents