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Server location 

neatComponents is designed to be for high volume usage over multiple sites. In this section we outline best practise for creating a good 'production' environment.

There are several issues to consider when deciding where your server should be:

  • Bandwidth
  • Network resilience
  • Ease of physical access
  • Security
  • Cost


If your sever is going to be very busy, you should consider placing the server at a specialist hosting centre. However if usage will be lower, you may be able to place the server 'locally', in your office, with no more than an A/DSL or Cable connection to the Internet.

Network Resilience

A specialist hosting center will provide the best resilience against network outages, however if you don't require 'triple-nine' uptime, you may be able to place the server locally in your office, and rely on A/DSL or Cable connectivity.

Ease of physical access

neatComponents is designed to be used via the browser editing interface, so there are very few tasks which would require you to have physical access to the server.


Hosting neatComponents on your own, local, server will give you the best protection against unauthorized access to the server itself. If you use Cloud hosting you have no control over the location of your data. Backup and disaster recovery are also most robust with local hosting. 


Specialist hosting companies charge a premium for the bandwidth and resilience they offer, however if you choose to host from your office you can reduce your costs significantly. Cloud hosting can provide a low-cost entry point, but costs are normally unbounded.

Installing neatComponents