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The associate link system 

In order for an associate to benefit from the scheme, they need to direct traffic to the site, and ensure that the site tags that traffic as 'belonging' to them. The site does this using a cookie, but it needs to set this (and know that it has to set it) the first time a user visits the site from the link.

This is done by getting the Associate to add a parameter to the links that they create. However, we don't want to confuse the Associates with anything technical, so we'll create the personalised links with the parameters for them. (The parameter looks like "6=4567" where 4567 is a reference number identifying the associate.)

The cleanest way to provide these links to the Associate is to use a Layout Element, and set the permissions on the layout element so that it is only shown to Associates. Position this Layout Element at the top of the page, so that when displayed it simply forces the rest of the page downwards, but doesn't otherwise affect the appearance of the underlying page.

To visually distinguish this from the page, choose a contrasting background color – for example a pale yellow will be familiar to users of Internet Explorer as it uses this for its warning panels.

Within this Layout Element, create text zone, and in that add some explanatory text, and, most importantly, some text reading "right-click here". This text should be made into a link, set as Local Relative, as "Current Page - Associate Link".

Now, when an Associate is logged in, and visits any page on the site, they will see this panel at the top of the screen. If they follow the instructions and right click where indicated, they will be shown a link which they can use in their own sites. 

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