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Using custom currencies 

The system has two currency modes:

  • Default
  • Custom

The Default currency mode uses an internal currency table that has just three currencies, US Dollars, Pounds Sterling, and Euros.

The Custom currency mode allows the system to use a currency table of your own making. This can contain any quantity of currencies – which may be ‘real’ national currencies, or include your own ‘pseudo-currencies’ (such as points schemes). Custom currencies can also be used for handling non-cash items, such as stocks and shares.


To use a custom currency mode:

Create a Table, called say “Currencies”

  • Add a Record ID field (type Record ID)
  • Add a Component ID field (type Component ID)
  • Add a Currency Code field (type Text) (This will contain “USD”, “GBP”, etc)
    • If you are integrating with external payment processors be sure to use the official currency codes they recognise rather than making up your own values.
  • Add a Currency Symbol field (type Text) (This will contain “$”, “£”, etc)
  • Add an optional Description field (type Text)
  • Add any other fields you may wish to relate to your currencies

In the Currencies table's Event tree under Record Update, add a new action, "Reload Currencies". Click Apply to ensure that is saved.

Populate the Currencies table with values.

If you already have transactions in the system using the default mode, be sure to add in records to match the currencies you have used.

Create a Query based on your Currencies table.

Including at minimum the Record ID, Component ID, Code, and Symbol fields.

Go to the Layout Manager, website tree, Globe node, Properties, Financial tab

Set “Use” to “Custom currencies”.

Click […] and on the Custom currencies dialog, configure it to use your query, and map the fields.

The Records tab allows you to restrict which records in the Query will be used, in case you don’t want all records in the Currencies table to be available.


Now when you use the system, the currencies from your currency table will be available instead of the default currency set.

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