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Forcing the user to login before buying 

Most e-commerce systems force users to login to the site before they purchase. This can have benefits in some cases, but the hassle of registering can be a turn-off for potential new customers.

neatComponents leaves the choice of whether to force customers to login up to the site designer.

If you force customers to login

  • You can construct and show them a 'my purchase history' section aggregating their previous purchases.
  • If they make a subsequent purchase they won't have to re-enter their name and address details
  • You can accumulate information about purchasing patterns extended across multiple purchases

If you don't force customers to login

  • They get an easier purchasing experience - so you may get more orders

Either way

  • You can provide them with a personal invoice which only they can access
  • You collect name, email and physical address information to enable you to contact them and fulfull the order
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