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User Editable Pages 

Simple Pages

The fundamental building block of a neatComponents website is the User Editable page - the Simple Page. In its most basic use it provides a simple page to receive text, images and tables that look like any other website page. Pages can also be used as the receptical for other information that is 'Embedded' in them - this is how the data from forms and queries gets displayed on the site.

Pages and Sections are manipulated using an online Text Editor that gives all the normal edit controls, as well as an Image Manager, Link Manager and direct access to an HTML view of the page.

Pages & Sections

Pages are editable pages in their own right, but also form branches to the site-tree. 

The Section makes it easy to use the inherent hierarchical navigation system, and as the Style and Permission characteristics of a Section are inheritable they greatly reduce the amount of configuration required.


Site and application construction most often uses the Page component, even for the most basic use.


Building & Styling Applications & Sites