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Allowing clients to self-serve new sites 

The site creator component is a page that can be placed on a site to enable users to select and create their own site - based on one of your template sites.

This can be used in a number of different scenarios:

Internet Service Providers

An ISP can offer its client a simple site for their business as part of their online package. The client manages the entire transaction without the need for call centre staff to become involved. Billing is integrated into the system, so the client gets emails asking them to top up a pre-pay account via credit card, which is then depleted by charges raised by the system in respect of site usage - all according to charging plans and credit limits you can specify. If they fail to pay the system even manages credit control by suspending the site and emailing the client to encourage them to refill their account.

Corporate IT departments

IT departments can create template sites for use by department for individual projects. Users throughout the organisation can set up a new site, without overburdening the IT department. However the IT department retains central control, and corporate branding and styling are controlled - particularly important if the sites targetted at an external audience.

Web design companies

Web designers can provide 30-day free trials of example sites as teasers to get clients interested in their work, and to demonstrate their expertise. For larger design houses, the templates can be used to roll out new site design and structures amongst a large number of designers.

  •  To learn more, see the Site Creator page in the Components section.
Reselling sites (SaaS) 
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