Simple Enterprise pricing

Unlimited components,  unlimited public users and unlimited 'editors'.
 Questions? - email  or  call 

  •  Full Data Sovereignty: total access control of your own data.
  •  One step installation onto your own equipment
  •  No specialist database or system admin knowledge is needed.

  •  Easy upgrade
  •  Low cost. No data plan required. No data or storage charges. 

Your own Private Cloud server

Build controlled access public apps and web sites on your own server, VPS or Amazon EC2

Everything you need, in a single easily installed package: Unlimited application building, Full Application SDK, Integrated websites & CMS, Workflow & approvals, Fine-grain access controls, Drag & Drop development, Unlimited real-time API calls, and Components per user, Import/Export, XML Data connectors, Email and social media integration and much more...

•  Private Cloud manager    •  Domain management    •  SaaS Account management

Unlimited domains, unlimited development environments licenses, integrated SQL database with unlimited data transfer, and unlimited database storage. 

Optional:   Premium Support     Upgrade Protection     EC2 Assistance




Two ways to buy:   Pay monthly or Single Payment

On Premises, Amazon EC2 or Azure.
Unlimited usage - Monthly:

First 30 days free.

All the above: Subscription license.
Includes integrated SQL database with unlimited data transfer, and unlimited database storage.

Monthly subscription


On Premises, Amazon EC2 or Azure.
Unlimited usage - Annual Payment :

First 30 days free.

All the above: Subscription license.
Includes integrated SQL database with unlimited data transfer, and unlimited database storage.

Yearly payment 

$9950 annual payment

Also available:

    •  Professional On-boarding     •  System analysis & design support       •  1:1 Platform training

No payment is required at sign up.  Your selection will be confirmed and provisioned before you are billed.



  A free license for all

   The Developer? is a rate-limited (300 page views/hour? ) version of the full      neatComponents Enterprise-level license.

   Unlimited domains and development environments per server. Private
   Cloud manager. Domain management. SaaS Account management

   Integrated SQL database with unlimited data transfer, and unlimited
   database storage. Development tool kit. One step installation. 






  The low cost Cloud hosted alternative

  Licensing for SMB budgets is available under the clearString™ brand. 

  •  Month to month contracts or purchase

  •  Single domain development environment

  •  Unlimited users, editors and app development

  •  Cloud database

  •  Fully flexible - scale to suit

  Discover more about clearString licenses at our clearString website 




EC2 Support

Amazon EC2 Installation 
One of our technicians will RDP into your EC2 instance. Install the software, Configure Windows Services and the Windows Firewall. Set your initial domain. Set up the email services. Create and configure your first development environment (child-site) ready for your use.
Cost: $99.00
Response time: Next business day.
Purchase (via clearString SMB Services): Installation Service...
Amazon EC2 Assistance
Assistance in making changes to your Amazon EC2 instance.
Cost: $50.00 per incident
Response time: Normal support response
Purchase: Contact us

Cloud Data Storage

A proportionate amount of data storage is provided with all Cloud licenses. Subject to consultation, we reserve the right to limit or impose an additional charge if excessive storage is used.


Email services

There are no limits to the amount of email messages or any charges for email because both clearString and neatComponents are designed to use your existing email service provider or you can bundle a separate Email Server package with your license purchase. 
See Email Server Bundle Offer...

On premises  neatComponents

neatComponents is normally set up directly to your corporate mail server, or it can also connect just
like an ordinary email client, such as Outlook. 

See how to set up neatComponents email here...

Upgrade Protection

On Premises licenses come with 12-months Upgrade Protection which gives you free upgrades to the latest version for 1 year. 

Read about Upgrade Protection here...


What is the 'Developer License'?
This license provides access to all features, and also for an unlimited number of development environments websites, domains and users. It works without restriction for light usage. If a site becomes busy then it imposes a small delay on serving 'the next page'.

The 'Developer' license is free without limits EXCEPT you are restricted to viewing less than 50 pages per 10 minutes.  If you view more than 50 pages in a 10 minute period then you see an advisory notice for the next 60 minutes each time a page is viewed.

This internal 'Rate Limit' can be removed by purchasing a Premium license.


Who uses a Free Developer License?

Everyone uses the Free web application development tool license to start with. It gives you a no-cost entry point to using clearString neatComponents, so you can learn how to build content and data-driven websites without any financial risk or outlay.

ICT Education
clearString provides an ideal learning environment for teaching ICT students about data-management and website development without wasting time and effort learning programming and debugging lines of code. Websites can be quickly created with unlimited numbers of users and with tight access controls - ideal for the educational environment.

Professional Developers
clearString is a professional website development platform and web application development tool. It is of great benefit to people developing websites for sale. The Free Developer License means that even the smallest web application development studio can create websites and custom business applications for a customer with no up-front cost and on their own server. The developer can then export the finished site to a Professional licensed installation owned by their customer. 

Low cost hosting

clearString licensing enables the website or application to be hosted in the public Cloud or on any suitable computer, even a local machine. This can enable extremely low hosting costs, or even eliminate them all together.

The clearString web application development tool has an integrated installer. Installation and set-up requires no specialist technical support.


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