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The neatComponents Guide 

What is neatComponents?

neatComponents is the hybrid-cloud database engine that powers clearString.

neatComponents provides a comprehensive no-code application development platform and a multiple independent hosting environments. 

This Documentation site provides all the information you need to build and deploy solutions for your own company or as a service to others.

Installing on a Server

Get started installing the system on a server.

How to install on premise or in the cloud.


Build your first Application

A quick tutorial explaining the process of application building and data handling.


Key Concepts        

An in-depth explanation of the key architectural concepts of the system.


Building Applications

How to structure and style applications.


Managing Data        

Learn how to design data-centric applications, including data acquisition, storage and output.


Security and User Control

How to control user permissions, user groups, passwords and two-factor authentication.


SaaS and Reselling        

How to automatically provision sites commercially, with charging plans and account enforcement.


Components reference

An A-Z reference for the components within the system.


Datatypes reference

A reference guide to the datatypes available within the system.


Release Notes        

Notes on key changes and improvements for each version release.


Search Engine Optimisation

Learn SEO techniques to make search engines see and rank your public sites.


Making Accessible Sites

Enable disabled and visually-impaired users to access your applications.



Build notes

Notes and guidance on building particular types of application.

Process Management        

Learn how to build business process management flow control systems.



Learn how to build flexible ecommerce applications.


Blogs and Forums

Learn how to build blog and discussion systems.


Advertising systems

Learn how to include advertising on your sites.


Voting systems        

Learn how to build systems to collect votes.




Managing Data


Referential Integrity 

Data Entry Forms

Queries and Views

Custom Views



Users & Permissions

User Group Manager 

User Registration

Access Codes & Agreements

Personalizing Experience

Managing Profiles



SaaS Server

SaaS Site Manager

SaaS Client Accounting

SaaS Templates & Clones

SaaS Self Service

Associates System 



User Editable pages

CSS Editor

Editing Pages

Direct URLs

Using Javascript & JQuery

Content Approval & Workflow



Key Concepts


Understanding Embeds

Site Building

Themes System

Seo Optimization

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