Free Licenses

The 'Normal License' is FREE and allows for the installation of the software onto a single server.  


 License cost: Free and Permanent
 Upgrade Protection: FREE - no additional charges
 Websites and Domains:  unlimited number  
 Users and records:  unlimited number 
 Support: Website documentation
 Private Cloud controls: Hosting, metering, and billing


This FREE  license also includes unlimited access to all neatComponents features, which will allow the creation of a private Cloud with multiple websites, unlimited domains, and supports an unlimited number of users. It is ideal for bootstrapping new business models.

Website documentation

Full Unlimited email support is available on the purchase of one of the Premium licenses below.  You can upgrade from the free license with no loss of data, configuration or down-time.


Not sure which one...?  See Licenses explained...

Premium Licenses

Important note:
These licenses are only available to customers who started using neatComponents before December 31, 2014
Current license pricing is available here: Enterprise pricing...    SMB pricing...

From only $29.00 per month 

Premium licenses have the high volume capability needed for commercially successful sites. 
They provide unlimited email support with valid upgrade protection.

A single server can handle one site or hundreds of sites, depending on their size and popularity.
It is easy to upsize from one license type to another without any loss of configuration.
The prices shown below are for installing neatComponents on to your own dedicated server,
or Cloud instance.

Single website licenses may be 'stacked', to allow multiple websites on one server.

Expand display to see details.

A-type.) Single Website 'Pay as you Go' License - $29 per month

B-type.) Single Website 'Regular' License - $299

C-type.) 'Cloud-maker' - Unlimited Websites  'Pay as you Go' License - $425 per month

D-type.) 'Cloud-maker' - Unlimited Websites 'Regular' License - $9,950

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Pricing is also available for UK (£) and EU (€) purchase.