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This is where you manage your neatComponents licenses and download your software.

Wondering what happens next?
You can see 'step-throughs' of obtaining your Installation Id and Installing neatComponents: here ... 


What do I need to install neatComponents ?

 Read advice on operating system requirements.


neatComponents will require an Installation ID to be entered when you run the installer.

 You can obtain a FREE Installation ID here.
This will provide you with a 30 day fully-functional trial.


Download neatComponents



You can convert your trial into a full license.

 This is a simple process which does not require reinstallation.
See options and pricing.

More information

Each server you install neatComponents on is an "Installation", and each one has a unique Installation ID. You can get an Installation ID here, and download the software here.

The Installation ID for a server never changes, but what it means, in terms of the various license types we offer, expiry dates, etc, can change over the lifetime of the server. When you install neatComponents you are asked for the Installation ID, and it checks with our licensing servers to see what that means.

If you purchase a commercial license or upgrade, we change the information relating to your Installation ID on our licensing servers, and your server is given the new license. The Installation ID itself doesn't change.


Executive summary

What you can do here

 Obtain a new Installation ID

 View your existing
      Installation IDs

 Download the
      neatComponents software

 Quick Start Guide 

 Request support

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