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Measuring page traffic with Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a third-party site monitoring service provided by Google.

To use the service, you sign up with them (normally for free, if you are using their Adwords service) and they give you a code snippet to include in your pages.

neatComponents does not require you to use the code snippet provided by Google - it already knows that. Instead, you simply need the Google Analytics AccountID, which takes the form UA-1234567-1

For any page you wish to include in the analytics, enter the Account ID in the Behavior Editor for the page (or any other component type), at:

Settings / Tracking / Google Analytics Account ID

Normally you will want to track all pages on the site, so to take advantage of the built-in inheritance, simply enter the setting for the top level section of your site, being sure to repeat the setting for each component type (Page, Section, Form, etc) you wish to analyse, and it will be applied to all the pages within that section.

Once set up, you should expect to see results in your Google Analytics account within 24 hours.

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